By Tessa Oman

 There  has recently  been a proposal  to change the Withdrawal  Policy at Skagit Valley College.  A public hearing was held in April  to allow members of the campus to voice  their opinions regarding the proposed change.  On May 17, the Student Services Committee will  hold a meeting to go over the results of the public  hearing. They will then make a recommendation either for  or against the change.

Once  the Student  Services Committee  reviews the public hearing,  their recommendation will go to  the Governance Steering Committee,  who ͞will then determine next steps,͟  says Caryn Regimbal, the Associate Dean  of Enrollment Services.

The  proposed  change is  going to affect  the process that students  must go through in order to  drop a class. If this change is  implemented, full withdrawal from a  class will only be an option up until  the eighth week of the quarter, or the fifth  week in summer quarter. After this deadline, ͞students  will need to qualify for a hardship withdrawal and will  need to meet with a navigator or Faculty Counselor (or other  Student Support Services colleague) to ensure a withdrawal is the  best option for them. This comes from an interview done by The Cardinal  with Caryn Regimbal. While the deadline for full withdrawal will be changed  by this proposal, the period in which one can get a refund will simply be shortened.  Students will be able to gain a full refund within the first five days of the quarter  and a fifty percent refund from the sixth day of the quarter, to the tenth day. If a student  experiences an unexpected hardship, there is a third refund option which allows the them to petition  for a full or partial refund, later in the quarter.

According  to Regimbal,  all of these proposed  changes may assist the student  with completing the course after  they have invested so much time and  money into their course, and provide systematic  education and partnership with students around the  implications to financial aid eligibility, progress toward  degree timelines, and transfer feasibility.

This  proposal  was created  with the goal  to improve the experience  of Skagit students. Many students  are unaware of all of their options  when they choose to drop a class and  may be acting without knowledge of other  possibilities.

͞The  College  wants to  ensure students  are making informed  choices before deciding  to fully withdraw from all  of their courses. A withdrawal  is a loss of time and investment  for the student when that happens,

The  College  wants to  ensure that  decision is a  last resort, says  Regimbal.

SVC  is ensuring  that every voice  is heard in this matter  by having all relevant committees,  chosen by the College Governance Committee,  review the proposed policy change. All comments  made on the public hearing page will also be taken  into consideration by the Student Services Committee before  promoting the change. While the public hearing has been closed  to new comments, members of the campus can still view all comments  that were made on the page during the hearing period.

While  this change  is still just  a proposal, it is  something that may be  affecting the campus in  the near future.