By Jessica Vargas

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Coming to an end this school year, students, parents, and teachers can’t help but feel excitement for the next school year.
Students and parents hope there will be more major changes when their classes start up again. Chrysta Brodt, a mother of two, has a daughter just finishing up her year of kindergarten. Both mom and child hope for a full school year where they are able to interact with the teacher and students better. Brodt explains, “I am more than happy for her classes to come to an end. Can’t wait for her to be in school again.” Ally, Brodt’s daughter, is a very social kid and whenever she’s at the park she immediately has a whole group of friends. The new school year will be a chance for her to go to school, make friends, and to learn even more about her favorite subject, math.

Catherine Baker, an elementary school teacher, is excited to start the next school year with full school days, five days a week. Baker adds, “There will be more time to hone in on certain skills for certain students. This year was certainly rushed, but I learned that we take many things for granted.” Baker explains how this year was all about making sure germs were out of the classroom as much as possible. Always wiping down desks, making sure kids social distanced, and washing hands before and after class was something Baker and all of the teachers made sure to do. “Us teachers, also kept a look out for runny noses, coughs and sent them down to the nurse. We also checked temperatures fairly often. This lead to almost no absences and no sick kids”, Baker. She adds that this should be a new norm for the next year.