Picture provided by SVC website

By Chloe Bonsen

There are many changes coming the whopping 18 SVC websites. In a previous article we checked in with web content specialist Marcus Badgley. The previous written by Sam Nichols focused on the beginning of the changes that started with pages such as the main page. Catching up with Badgley a few months after the very first changes became public meant that more people would have viewed allowing for more feedback to be available.

“Yes. There is a ton of exciting work to be done. The college has 18 different websites, and I am super excited about the projects that I have involving these sites mainly because they are being updated to have a modern designs and consistency. Every page is getting new photos. Taking on more inspiring things and designs. The search tool and layout are going to improve more as well.”

This was Badgley’s response to if people have run into problems with the new layout of the site. The overall consensuses that could be taken from the interview with Badgley is that people are enjoying the fresh new appearance. However, there have been some kinks creating a not so smooth transition. Badgley explained that these kinks were expected because of the way the website was updated. He explained how the old platform was inflexible and hard to update, meaning that the old layout wouldn’t allow for him to make the changes needed to update the websites to bring them up to a more modern and updated design. Parts of the sites don’t look as harmonious as they could be and that’s only because the websites aren’t yet fully updated and finished. Badgley explained that a large majority of the sites will change and be harmonious after summer quarter of 2018.

Mixed reviews came back from students. Nothing to bad besides people running into the kinks that were expected with a new plat form design. But for students like, Derek Volk, they are loving the new fresh look. Derek Volk who is currently finishing up an online class for the fire program stated “It’s really user friendly, all the important stuff is there and well displayed. It does have a cleaner design and look to it.”

More monumental changes are coming to the SVC websites and platforms, Marcus Badgley along with many students and faculty are excited to see these changes to come to life.