Photo courtesy of Fandango

By R. A. Neeleman

Including references for many different ages as well as being an all around good film, Deadpool returns to the big screen in Deadpool 2 and is as hilariously offensive as ever. Deadpool 2 opened May 10th, 2018, 2 years after its predecessor in 2016. It stars Ryan Reynolds as the role of the anti-hero Deadpool, a vigilante with a unique set of skills including regenerative health and advanced abilities with swords and guns.

In the Deadpool movies, it is clear that Deadpool knows that he is in a film, he is aware of his surroundings in a very peculiar way. It is this way in the comics as well. This leads to Deadpool ultimately making fun of and ridiculing the writers and people behind the scenes in the movies, but also the actors who play the characters that he himself is interacting with. This of course leads to hilarious scenes and a type of humor not normally seen. As far as Deadpool 2 goes, The film follows Deadpool as he searches for ways to find a real family. From speaking of having a child with his girlfriend Vanessa played by Morena Baccarinto, even attempting to assemble a group to fight alongside similar to The Avengers or The X-men. Of course throughout his journey, Deadpool mocks pretty much anything that’s available and leaves the audience laughing aloud through the entire film. He fights with many different villains in many humorous ways including Cable played by Josh Brolin.

Although Deadpool 2 has great strength in humor and storytelling, it often feels lacking in something. It is hard to tell what that thing could be, but some have speculated that it was the outlandish offensiveness and hilarious fourth wall breaks that had previously not been done that often that made the first movie stand out. To some, Deadpool 2 is exactly the same as the first Deadpool with different characters. While still very enjoyable, certain people feel like it was just seeing the same movie again. Despite it’s hilarity, maybe audiences just wanted to see something a little different.

In the end, Deadpool 2 comes out to be a fun filled adventure guaranteed to put the audience in a good mood. Be sure to catch this hilarious, albeit offensive for delicate ears, flick about how family isn’t always by blood which is a deep message for a comedic movie.