David Goldsmith is a Lacrosse player at Stanwood Lacrosse, pizza delivery driver and running start student at SVC where he is taking Accounting and Economics. Goldsmith reports that Lacrosse practice is five days a week for 2 and a half ours. Goldsmith says Lacrosse has “Killed my work Schedule” He then added  that since his lacrosse program is not part of the local school, Stanwood High school he has to drive himself to his lacrosse events which can take 3 and a half hours carpooling with teammates. Goldsmith expressed his desire for Stanwood High School to adopt the Stanwood Lacrosse program so that he can use the school bus for  the commutes to events  which he believes would be more convenient for the players, he also says the fees for Stanwood Lacrosse are $550 when the fees for school sports are only $100. Without the use of the school funding and resources the Stanwood Lacrosse team members cannot use the school stadium. Goldsmith said that if the team had been given the schools resources they may be able to find more players. With games only once or twice a week Goldsmith said when asked if he thinks the High School will be able to afford the expenses of the lacrosse club “yes I do believe they can afford it, and if anything, the return on investment will be greater with concessions if they let us use the stadium field”. Stanwood Lacrosse is currently third in the state and the team is currently facing their semi finals, these underdogs are celebrating the wins of 2 playoff games.

By Cooper Lindner