By Urban Fitness and Health

By line: W. Yiu

Urban Fitness and Health has been providing a healthy environment to workout for members at Skagit Valley more than 20 years. Located at College way, it is one of the health clubs in Skagit Valley. Urban fitness and health advocates body strength and health care from multiple perspectives. It is understood that customers’ needs and preferences would be different and constantly-changed.  The health club has more than 15,000 square feet, and it has a comprehensive facility because there are over 200 machines. Also, the health club uses an open design to increase the transparency and sense of space. Additional, they use full height glass window, so every angle will be covered by the sunshine in the club. It makes the environment motivative and warm atmosphere. Also, there is a special room dedicated to Urban HIIT Lab (High-Intensity Interval Training). The lab allow a small group coaching with the equipment, such as TRX and CrossFit training. Member can decide to train alone in the HIIT Lab if they want to have more privacy. Then, there is a coffee area, they don’t only offer healthy smoothies, prepared food items and your favorite coffee beverages at our in-house juice and coffee bar. Pre- or post-workout, come enjoy our nutritious beverages and healthy food items in a comfortable environment, but is also available free WIFI for everyone.

Thus, the health club provides every member a tailor-made training program based on their results of physical assessment when they join the club. Participation in the training program is flexible as all members could enjoy first 2 lessons without any charges and decide whether the training program is satisfied with their needs or not.  Apart from regular training, the center also involves other facilities including massage, physical therapy and nutrition counseling for the sake of musculature care, which include a once injury screening opportunity without charge. Moreover, there a babysitter to take care children in Kids Club area, so their parents can enjoy their workout.

Furthermore, the health club has diversity entertaining choices to satisfy different types of members. There are different types of training, such as personal training, Tabata, RMP training, Calorie Crusher etc. Those training sections can achieve different goals for members, such as lose fat, get firm body physics, and gain strength. Urban Fitness and Health has been going through in Skagit Valley over 20 years. They aim to try to improve quality and service to dedicate the best to the community. If you want more detail this health club, there is a contact below.