By: Madison Brand

On Friday May 4th, 2018, the DREAMer’s Club held their first annual iDREAM conference from 8 pm to 2 pm. The event had multiple activities including workshops, student panels, keynote speakers, and a free lunch included! Students, parents, and all staff were welcome to attend the event.

At 7:30 pm, Las Cafeteras, a band that plays traditional music, afro-mexican music, and zapateando dancing. performed at McIntyre Hall. Las Cafeteras performs in tribute to women, civil rights movements, United farm workers, the DREAM act, and immigration in the United States.

Flor Zamorano, founder of the DREAMer’s club, said that their music, “create[s] a positive change and inspires others to do so as well.” With the event lasting most of the day, attendees had plenty of activities to keep busy.

There were multiple workshops for visitors at the event. One workshop was called The Future of DACA. At this workshop, attendees learned how to show support for DACA students and how to promote the cause. The next workshop, HB 1079 and Residency, was focused around the outlook of HB 1079 and the requirements of residency for in-state tuition.

The Mental Health workshop was centered on managing stress and anxiety, and fight fighting depression. Watchers of A Day in The Life of Undocumented Students learned about the daily lives of undocumented students and the difficulties they were faced with. The DREAMer’s Narrative was a good workshop to find out more information about the DREAMer’s club and how to cope with being an undocumented student.

The Deportation Defense workshop was helpful in informing about the Custom Border Patrol (CBP) and Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). The First Generation College Student Panel discussed their experience being first generation college students. The last workshop, Standing with my Undocumented Community was recommending how to get involved to help make an impact around campus and the community.

The Student Led Event was designed to help integrate and inform undocumented and non-undocumented students and to make a positive impact on their lives.

Flor Zamorano, president of the DREAMer’s club and founder of the club said the event “is a way to promote to high school students in our community” and to help show support to these students.

The purpose of the DREAMer’s Club is “to create a safe community for dreamer students at Skagit Valley College.” The mission of the DREAMer’s club is “to educate and empower young DREAMer’s and their families by emphasizing the importance of higher education and creating
awareness about the most current policies in immigration reform, which are connected closely to college entry and success.”

All students are welcome to join. The club is a safe place to discuss difficult topics and will help support its members.

To join, contact the advisor of the DREAMer’s club, Veronica Perez at [email protected], or attend a club meeting at any time.