By R. A. Neeleman

Skagit Valley College Summer and Fall registration is now open for students to apply. With Spring quarter now coming to an end, SVC would like to make sure that all students are getting prepared for their next quarter here! Whether they prefer to take a break over the summer quarter and just stick with fall winter spring or maybe get some extra credits done and logged and do summer as well, registration is open for both!

The SVC website states that “Students can register for classes either in person or online.” SVC is trying to make it as easy as possible to make sure that all students can be registered in time. A good way to do this is to have multiple ways of completing registration

Although SVC encourages students to sign up ASAP so as to get into better classes, students like Griffin Tournie have not completely decided. “I plan to sign up for the fall quarter” said Tournie, “I haven’t signed up yet because I’m exploring more options that Skagit has to offer education wise, I am still deciding what I want to do.”

SVC also wants to make sure that students are applying for programs that interest them. Some very popular trending programs include Arts, Basic Education for Adults, Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management (New!), Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Conservation, Composites, Engineering, STEM, Sustainable Agriculture, Business direct transfer. All of which are great opportunities for any students who are looking for things in certain fields.

Summer classes start July 2nd and Fall classes begin September 25th. Sign up now!