Photo by Pien Muller on Unsplash

By Madison Brink

Is music the same without concerts and events? Pre-pandemic there were many live events happening all over Skagit Valley. Facebook was the main platform to find out where, when, what and who was playing. Kook Blues Mama Music would post once a week on Skagit Breaking the weekly round-up of the current week’s music events. Anything from small bars to big outdoor concerts in the Valley were posted on Skagit Breaking and people could find out who was playing, what time they were playing and where they could see them at. But after the pandemic music has switched from in person events to live events. Videos on Facebook that you can tune into and a page on Facebook dedicated to artist/performers called socially distance fest. Any type of performer can go live on the page and then be showcased through the founder of the page. This changes the game for artists that were only local performers because they can now reach people across the world with their music.

Music is not the same online for most people including performers as it is to be at or be the star of a live in person event. Technically in person music events could still take place, however it is not worth it with all the restrictions in place. Everyone including the artists unless they were solo artists would have to wear a mask and people would have to be always six feet apart. This makes it not worth it to set up a venue for only 6 people allowed to attend.  Artists that are tech savvy and up for the challenge can go live on social media sites and broadcast to a wider range of people. They can now reach people across the world. Koolbluesmama music says “ A positive thing that has come from the pandemic is artist’s are now able to open up their music to a greater population of people, get to audiences that are outside their northwest corner of Washington. Artist’s who have overcome the challenges and grown their fanbase to worldwide. When you go to the same 5 or 6 difference place every week and perform its not getting the same number of views or your name out there as well as social media has done since the pandemic.” Koolbluesmama has been posting less on Skagit breaking about local bands because there has not been anything to post, however she still does a podcast Our PNW music podcasts interview local artists and musicians so that we can hear about them and their lives, their passions, songs that are coming out. The podcasts are usually an hour long.

The music in Skagit county is still alive, just in a different way. You can now enjoy the local artist in the comfort of your own home. And you might be able to find some new not so local artists on your journey. Koolbluesmama says “Artists really miss their fans, their people, they miss the energy and being able to perform for people in person. Some artists just do not have the capabilities to do the live streaming, or they lack the marketing to get an audience. There are a lot of artists who have not been doing well since the pandemic and then there are the few that have been doing well and they are really doing well.”. Some bands are older and its more of hobby for them to play live music, they enjoyed the people and the dancing. While some artists careers are music, and they must adapt to this new normal.