By W. Yiu

There is a construction work has caused a serious traffic jam in Whidbey for long time, due to a Sharps Corner roundabout is easier to cause accident. In order to improve the safety quality and increase the flows.

The construction work will expect significant delays. During the instruction, the roads will only have one lane opened with flaggers alternating north-south flows. The drivers claim that it happens a traffic jam during peak time, so it may wait for 15 minutes to over an hour.

The construction work should have started in 2009, but the budge was cut out. Then, the construction was approved by the Legislature in July 2015. The location is between the city of Oak Harbor and the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. It is also the only way to transport. This road ways are so important for people who living in the Island. Overall, there are 3000 drivers to use that road every day. The location is also nearby the highway, so it is easy to cause a traffic jam and increase the chance of collisions. It is also important for the bike and pedestrian for safety, so it not only has benefit for vehicle drivers as well.

There is an interview with a student at Skagit valley college. Raymond Xu thinks the construction work is necessary to rebuild. It would be a serious issue because there is so many flows in that road. It needs to find a way to release to the traffic jam and reduce the chance of accident.

Some of people may use the road for school or work every day. The construction work has been processing until Fall 2018. They better reset their alarm to avoid any traffic jam at the peak time