On June 8, 2018, Skagit Valley College will be holding its first annual music festival: SoulFest. The SVC Foundation is co-sponsoring the event with the Woman’s Soccer Program and the SVC Program Board. The event will be on campus in the Tollefson Plaza from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. On the balcony of Lewis Hall will be a Beer Garden for the 21 and older guests made by the Skagit Valley College Craft Brewing Program. You can also expect to see a variety of food trucks that will be available throughout the evening.

Student Life Director at Skagit Valley College, Brian Murphy, says the event will be a great “community building activity” and a “celebration of the year’s work.” Although still being finalized, attendees can expect to see a few different bands performing that night. A band from Oak Harbor High School, The Backyard Bison, will be one of the bands at this event. There will be small a cost for those taking advantage of the food and beer selection but is free for those just enjoying the music selection.

Opening the event to the community has the opportunity to attract a large crowd. Murphy says that opening the event to the community is “not only to have a good time but will also be supporting our Women’s Soccer Program.” SoulFest is going to be a great fundraising and marketing event for the SVC Woman’s Soccer Program, who will be doing a large portion of advertising for the event. The Beer Garden will also be a great opportunity for our Craft Brewing program, says Murphy, that will entertain the guests of age at the local music event. Murphy says that in addition to the music, there are plans for other activities of entertainment that will be open for the students.

This is not the first time a music festival has been considered, but this year there was enough support among the staff and students to be able to strike the event into action. We hope to see you on June 8th enjoying a fresh food truck meal and some sensational live music!