By Jordan Stone

Coa Mexican Eater is a Mexican-style restaurant that offers dollar tacos on Tuesdays as well as dollar beer cans, provided you are 21 or older.  Coa is located on South 10th street just down the road from Mount Vernon High School.

When you walk in, you are greeted by a small venue, packed with tables and chairs. The seating is open for small groups, so you can find a place you like and sit down. Once you sit down you are greeted by quite possibly the friendliest wait staff I have ever had the pleasure of being served by. They are always quick to refill your water or drink, as well as bringing fresh bowls of chips for you to snack on until your food arrives.

Taco Tuesday is great for college students who are pressed for cash because the only thing that can beat one-dollar tacos, are free tacos, and you can’t find those anywhere. Coa offers a variety of tacos including chicken, pork, steak and veggie tacos. The main ingredient of the tacos is joined by a terrific tasting sauce. My personal favorite of the tacos is the steak tacos. The tacos are street taco sized, so you may need to order a few more to compensate for that fact. If your meal is just a pre-dinner snack, I would suggest ordering three to four tacos, but if you plan on this being your dinner, I think about six to eight tacos are a perfect amount to fill you up.

The tacos are delicious, but you do have to wait a little more than desired for your tacos to be brought out to you. I would estimate it takes about twenty minutes for the tacos to be finished, which is just enough to start getting a little impatient.

When eating at Coa prepare to be greeted by a fair share of noise. The restaurant is quite small, and the kitchen is located close to the eating quarters, which just adds to the noise factor. However, I think the noise adds to the appeal of the restaurant.

SVC student Mitch Boesel, Coa Taco Tuesday fan, loves spending his Tuesdays at Coa, “I love the whole experience of Coa and one-dollar tacos make it even better,” he said.

As a fellow student, I strongly recommend spending your next Tuesday stuffing your face with one-dollar tacos at Coa Mexican Eatery.